The tips, techniques and processes to generate meaningful visibility, engagement, opportunities and appointments

Detail. All in one place. For you to truly leverage LinkedIn effectively.


Training teams and individuals on effective LinkedIn usage represents some of the most powerful uses of your time right now.

These sessions are bespoke and cover everything from broad strokes to nuanced, granular detail.
Richard Moore is one of the leading practitioners of content-driven marketing on LinkedIn today. His posts generate millions of views each year on the platform and he has trained in many different areas:
– Leveraging LinkedIn for corporate selling
– Content generation strategy for marketing functions
– Career and job optimisation work
– Team lead generation training
– Personal branding and content marketing
– Lectures and workshops at university, charity and not-for-profit organisations

Richard’s content show’s how he uses LinkedIn to generate:
– Meaningful inbound opportunities
– Vast distribution of daily content
– Visibility by the right people (geography, seniority, industry and business)
– And a warm audience that buys his services

Since 2018, Richard’s “Basics of LinkedIn” course has been used by hundreds of businesses. And, in these sessions, he builds on his popular 3Cs of LinkedIn methodology that covers Content, Connections and Community.

Since late 2020, Richard’s premium LinkedIn Client Accelerator programme has guided around 100 businesses to navigate effective conversion from their LinkedIn with stunning results.

Combined, such programmes as these as well as the scores of talks Richard has given to thousands of business people has meant Richard gives the “real value” that individuals genuinely need to practically improved. Including, in his words:
– What I actually write in the DMs when I connect
– How do I decide how to connect and what to look for
– What my process is to create rapid traction when I roll out a post
– How I leverage a specific set of rules to position myself through content
– The way I convert from connections and those that comment to consulting calls

Classes are in high demand at the moment due to the effects of COVID, so please get in touch >HERE< to discuss your training directly and include the timeframe you need to work to.