My new course on building an income from your existing knowledge has just launched. And I think it is probably the most simplistic, yet practical course I’ve built yet.

Monetize You covers the 7 stages needed to get you generating income from a personal passion or hobby. All without paying for ads, learning sales or becoming a marketing guru.

What’s more, I’m so convinced this course will generate you an income that as far as I could guarantee, I would expect at least 2 paying customers to be with you inside 2 weeks of completing the 7 lessons.

That’s a pretty bold statement, right?

Sure. But it’s because I’ve done this for years and taught others to do the same. But I don’t just believe it’s simple because of my experience.

I believe it’s simple because it is. And now that’s being proven by the people that have already taken the course before you.

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You see, so many ‘gurus’ will try and teach you “secrets” of building a business but the issue is that this is often based around doing things you don’t want to do. Do you really want to have to learn a completely new field, like eCommerce, MLM or social media consulting if YOU don’t personally have an interest in that area?

Of course you don’t. You just want a simple life where you get paid for doing things you already know how to do, right?

That’s why I built Monetize You. Because you already have existing knowledge just screaming to get out. Perhaps you have an inner nerd that really understands programming. Maybe a deep knowledge of movies by a particular director. Possibly you just ‘get’ people and are great at helping them with their problems. It might be that you’re great at poker but never thought much of it.

Whatever it is, with my course I am positive you can generate an income from it. Perhaps if you’re a little shy, you might generate only $100 a month extra. Maybe if you’re more voracious, you’ll make $10,000 a month. I don’t know how much it would be. But it’s being proven that that if you follow the steps exactly and put all your effort into this, including following literally what to say to potential clients so they decide to buy, you could generate an additional income from the course.

It could be the start of the next chapter of your life – maybe, as with many of my clients, you might end up quitting your 9 to 5 and doing it full time, all while making money from your hobby… based on knowledge you’re already equipped with!

Or maybe you’ll add another $1,200 to your monthly income meaning you can pay your parent’s mortgage each month. Or perhaps go on a holiday. Maybe you use the money to clear your debts. Even $100 a month extra means your mobile bill gets paid. You could spend it where you like, but I’m utterly convinced every one of you already has the necessary tools to do this.

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But it’s important you understand that this course is only for you if you are willing to put in a couple of hours work each day into it for the first couple of week. You won’t need to do any more, because you don’t need to. But, you probably will, because this is about building something around your own passion, so you’ll naturally enjoy having more exposure to it.

If you’re feeling unsure about jumping on this, then I’ll derisk this completely to zero for you. So, I pledge that if at the end of 30 days, after having followed the steps exactly and giving it everything you’ve got, if you’ve not found any value in the course, I’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back. And you can keep the course too. That’s about as crazy as it gets as a money back guarantee, right. So, you either generate your first income, or you get every last cent back from your investment and the course for free.

Hopefully, you get a sense of my conviction from this. I should probably charge $2,000 or $3,000 for this course, because I’ve made the steps so simple that anyone with access to the internet can win from it. However, I’m not going to ask for anything near that amount from you.

All you need to pay to cover the cost of this programme, that’s all 7 steps that provide the full guidance on generating an income from your existing talent is $99. That’s it. Nothing more. $99 gets you full access to the course and in return you’ll gain huge value in the form of realising how you can generate an additional income. Otherwise, you get to keep the course and get a full refund.

If you feel this is for you because you’re fed up of the crap that ‘gurus’ make you try and learn, get started on the course and go make it happen right away.

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