Look, without sales there is no blood running through the veins of your company. 

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could have a short, simple course on the essentials of effective selling? How would it feel if that course was accessible to absolute beginners? Perhaps even those that are naturally introverted, or concerned about rejection?

But for some it’s not as easy as just picking up a phone or scheduling a meeting. For many, an objection to their product can put them off sales for a lifetime. What’s needed are guidelines that will give a proven framework for success…

…and what’s needed is simplicity; what’s needed is the best approach to get great results without cringing at the salesy lines being delivered, sweating when it comes to building rapport and hating every minute of the process.

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My Basics of Sales course is designed for absolute beginners, but it also accommodates those with experience. It’s the result of over 15 years experience in sales, millions of pounds of sales and hundreds of coaching sessions given to sales teams of my own as well as clients that draft me in to make an impact.

This doesn’t need to be daunting. With some basics that you can implement right away, you can start experiencing results in your sales. Perhaps you’ve been in this space for some time. Many of those I coach have too and this course ensures you’re not missing any fundamentals. What’s certain is that great results come from sticking to core basics. You must learn them if you are to make it big in sales.

Apply below now and start generating the results you deserve!

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The majority of sales professionals live in fear of rejection every day, and often experience it first-hand.

I’ve put together a course based on 6 easy to follow sessions:

  • Rapport & Connecting

  • Identifying your customer’s needs & matching it with your solution

  • Dealing with objections

  • Proper mindset

  • Adding value

  • How to close with no fear

I also include a natural process for upselling, especially helpful if you’re an account manager, and show you how to create more value for each of your customers. Each lesson develops the crucial mindsets you need to have as a sales rep to reach the top of your leaderboard, build your startup business fast or bring you into the world of sales with a strong, guiding hand.