How do you go from zero to huge daily engagement in just three months on LinkedIn?

I did it so I could show you every step.

In March 2018, I started my experiment to prove a point: that my strategy could gain a huge amount of engagement and opportunities.

So let’s look at some results:

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?Three months in and I went from a few hundred followers to over 3,000.

?Content consistently generates thousands of views, 100+ likes per post and typically 60/70 comments.

?I receive new DMs every day:
⏩job offers,
⏩new clients,
⏩speaking gigs,
⏩influencer marketing deals,
⏩consulting calls,
…and a seriously supportive community.

Yes – within just that three month period. Sound good?

?But what’s the biggest eye opener?

Even though I only have a few thousand followers (that makes me pretty small compared with most influencers out there)…

…I’m getting far more engagement than many that have 10x (and even for some at 100x) the audience. 

Want to understand how? I explain literally exactly what I did and give the practical steps, using my THREE Cs APPROACH.

Right now is a golden time for LinkedIn because with half a billion active users, comprising a huge amount of decision making power, it’s very straightforward to make some serious noise…

Especially on a platform that is relatively silent.

So jump in and let’s start getting you a meaningful response!

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