Yeah. You do. How do you find it then? Is it found from working harder or faster? No. How about getting a little less sleep – that would work, right? Nope. Maybe learn to delegate or outsource more – that’s got to be it… Not really.

It’s the ‘dead time’. It’s those moments (yes, sometimes literally moments) between tasks.

I’m sitting on a train right now and of the 16 people in the carriage, you can bet at least half of them aren’t using their time effectively. What’s worse is when they arrive at their offices, they’ll let everyone know how stressed they are about having no time, even though they were quite content to aimlesslrss scroll down. Through a news feed for 40 minutes on the way to work.

“Using time effectively”. Does that mean having a laptop out, Richard? Not necessarily. It’s different for everyone.

There are plenty of tasks you can do to be effective. Sure, they may include writing some blog copy. They might also include responding to tweets. Whatever. Those are obvious tasks you can fill the ‘waiting’ or dead space with. But it might be that you need to catch up on some sleep. That’s a seriously useful task if you pulled a ‘bleeding eyes’ all nighter and have a full day ahead, right? You might use it to clear your inbox – now that entire task is complete when you arrive into the office. Maybe you use the 15 seconds between pulling into the station and the doors opening to send your partner a WhatsApp wishing them a great day.

But where you really win is when you set aside some time in advance to decide what smaller tasks you can employ. Get a small list together for those 1-2 minutes spaces and you’ll be stunned what you can complete:
– A quick listen of a bit more audio book
– Schedule a single piece of content for the next day, to get ahead on your Buffer account
– Write “hey how are you?” to 4 old clients to get the biz dev ball rolling again

Get it?

Your best hours are those ones when you’re focused and in the zone. Perhaps you’re at a desk when it happens. So keep those hours for the big stuff. But while you’re waiting for for your soya latte to be frothed, handle a single email from your inbox and nudge yourself slightly ahead for the day.