Social Media

I was asked recently to help explain what type of content should be posted to generate engagement. Ever wondered if clicking the ‘Post’ button is going to get you anything in return for your effort?

It’s not the first time the question has come up and what’s certain is that there is [as usual] no universal law that works. Still, some conventions usually tend to help your engagement. Here’s a top five for you:

1. Ask a question – you want people to engage right? So give them the opportunity on a plate. Asking for answers or opinions is usually a great way to stimulate conversation as well as get insights from your audience.

2. Encourage a share – write content that will make people ‘look good’. Think about it: you’d only share someone’s content if it boosted your profile, wouldn’t you? So Produce something that’s going to make your audience seem thoughtful, interesting or exciting. A great way to do this is the “short and sweet” post. In this, you take a popular or trending opinion and summarise it in three or four words. The result? You’re the one that just nailed a commentary in a nutshell – people love that.

3. Ask the right questions – not everyone wants to admit a vulnerability in public. So, if you’re asking people to share “a time when you failed”, you’ll probably get far less a response than if you ask them “a time when you learned a lesson”. Think about what you’re getting people to do. Simply put, you get better responses when they are made to look good.

4. Be human – or more specifically, be social. If you’re being too commercial or formal, it doesn’t really resonate with the reason why people are on a social media platform. Users don’t tend to go onto Facebook or Instagram with a credit card in their hand; they are there to check out interesting news from friends.

5. It’s your engagement (not just your content) that matters – the more you engage with your audience, the more they will come back. So any likes, shares or comments should be followed up with a reaction from you. Perhaps drop an avid follower a message thanking them for their recent interest. Or, just share a post of gratitude. In addition, when you respond to a comment, ask them another question – this gets a conversation going and means more engagement will follow.

What works for you? Are there any other tips you’d share? Comment below and let me know any hacks you’ve found generate great engagement.