How are your sales doing this week?
Here are three essential sales tips for building your pipeline that you need to remember:

1. Without a connection to the prospect, you’re not getting out of that meeting with a sale. Have a word with yourself after a few minutes: “how am I doing here? Is this guy interested in the slightest? Am I even letting them speak?”. Be self aware and raise your rapport game if you have to

2. Call past contacts that you have had no connection to in the past month (it doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t done business with them). A CEO once told me that every month he reconnects with people he’s been in touch with in the past. The quick call around his ‘power base’ always throws up an opportunity. Often there are customers right under your nose.

3. Go easy on the formal approach. Sure you need to reign in the street slang, but overly formal language, delivery or presentation of yourself actually puts up barriers. Instead, you’ll always do far better if you just be yourself. So be a bit more casual as though you are catching up with someone over a coffee and watch how the conversation flows!

What works for you? Are there any other tips you’d share? Comment below and share what helps build your pipeline.

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