Stop Thinking You can’t Make Money On YouTube

Stop Thinking You can’t Make Money On YouTube

$70.5 million was made last year by the top 10 YouTubers. Just in case you needed convincing that you can’t make money online…

Seriously though – anyone that wants to make sure their YouTube game is on point should be studying the top 10, including the likes of PewDiePie ($15m), Roman Atwood ($8m) and Lily Singh ($7.5m) . Here are three takeaways that these top YouTubers have in common:

1. Engagement – there is a constant dialogue between these stars and their fans. Rather than have an arrogance that they’re too important to speak with the masses, it’s about recognising who got them there in the first place. Reach out, thank and connect with your subscribers.

2. Consistency – (here it is again!) – don’t be a flash in the pan. Make sure you are there. Always. Set up a routine so your subscribers know when to tune in, like with their favourite TV show. Are you daily, a few times a week, weekly? Whatever it is, establish a reliable routine so they know when to find you.

3. Network – to level up in business, you need to build your network. Collaborating with other YouTube stars is no different to partnering with other in business. Leverage off their networks, help with their shows and link / tag them so that you can share their value with your people.


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