1. Consistency: As usual, not showing up every day features as one of the main reasons why results lack. Whether it’s consulting, affiliate marketing or forex, you need to recognise the importance of consistency. Experiment: go for a week with your social media, for example, posting value-led content six times a day rather than possibly once and see the results for yourself. Or, maybe you’re working with clickbank – build with multiple offerings every day. Don’t just sit on one.

2. Shiny New Object syndrome: Hang on! That guy over there just made $687.23 in one day… He made it look so easy and look, he has just released an online course on how to make $10,000 in a month through Amazon. All I’ve got to do is watch his “Million Dollar webinar” and pay $297. Finally this HAS to be the way I’ll become an internet millionaire…… And on, and on, and on. Forget the hype products and stick with your thing. Or , if you do invest in a hyped product, stick with that. Not for a couple of weeks, but for months and months. There’s no substantial money or success that you’ll make in 5 minutes.

3. Patience: Look, all this stuff works, but you have to stick with it. The reason that someone made $10,000 in a month through affiliate links is that he spend two years losing money so he could learn it properly. Press yourself and push for results – that’s the mark of someone successful. But recognise that some things just take time.

4. Too broad: we’re in the world of the niche. Your targeting and demographics need to follow that. Become a master (even a celebrity) in you tight niche and you’re reap far greater rewards than using a ‘come one, come all’ approach. If you’re using Facebook ads, for example, get really tight with things like location, interests, household income and family set up. More work? Sure. Time intensive? You bet. But this is what 2016/17 looks like. If you’re targeting everyone, you’re a dinosaur.

5. Be prepared for pain: So many times I hear “it’s annoying me that I see other people making more money than me – why aren’t I at that level yet?” While a handful of people get a lucky break – perhaps a video went viral for them or they got their advertising right first time – the majority go through the difficulty of third parties letting them down, money lost to testing or experiments and the simple fact that even a great product simply sometimes takes a while to proliferate. But view things differently; this is the ‘climb’ that everyone that made it goes through. Look at it as a challenge. Embrace the problems; you’ll learn from them. Ultimately you’ll get there, but you simply need to work through the hurdles. When there is pain, it doesn’t mean you stop.