Recognise that accountability differs from person to person.

Some people are motivated to do something because they paid for it. Conversely, some people are motivated because they will lose money.
But there are others that just don’t care about that:
They perform because they don’t want to let people down – it matters to them what others will think.
Then, there is the opposite, selfish approach; caring about getting a task done because it matters to you.
It’s essential to have awareness of this. I know, for example, that having paid for something is no real driver for me to want to use it. In addition, the possibility of making money from a task usually doesn’t motivate me either. I usually hold myself accountable on a task when someone I respect will be let down if I don’t complete it.
Often, because I’ve given my word.
Think on this – possibly a reason why you may be procrastinating or just not getting started is because you don’t care enough about the thing you’re trying to use to motivate yourself. Instead, assign the action or outcome a different type of accountability and you’ll soon get started and follow through to completion.