Imagine a startup business course for entrepreneurs with 73 lessons from professors, business leaders and best-selling authors…

Flip a coin. Heads or tails. Did you call it?

50% of startup businesses fail in their first year. That means as a statistic, you’re just as likely to fail as you are to succeed. “But I’m more motivated than anyone else“, you’re saying. Sure, but don’t all entrepreneurs think that?

The reality is that without sound guidance, or even (as a bare minimum) an awareness of the fundamentals of building a business, you’re probably risking what might be the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Do the right thing for your business

The EightStepStartup course is about recognising the basics you need to ensure you’re equipped for success. It’s not an advanced business strategy course. It’s not an MBA. It’s definitely not some get-rich quick ‘system’ you’re being duped into buying.

It’s sound advice. From some of the best out there.

So these lessons across eight themes, from selecting your product, through branding and sales, all the way to managing routine, finances and even motivating yourself, will set you on track with the knowledge that you’ve learnt from some of the greatest minds for massive success.

One thing I can assure you, is that with the wealth of knowledge on the course, you’ll actually learn something new, look at business in different ways and be taking a huge leap to make sure you stay on the right side of that 50%.

EightStepStartup covers the 8 fundamental themes you’ll need

        ⇒ Selecting your product

        ⇒ Tuning into your niche audience

        ⇒ Art of selling

        ⇒ Routine and daily maintenance

        ⇒ Taking cashflow seriously

        ⇒ You as a product

        ⇒ Pushing growth and scaling

        ⇒ Motivation